If you think you may be hosting a session, here are some hints and tips to help make your time as graceful and effective as possible.

At the beginning:

  • Begin by welcoming people and giving them a few moments to briefly introduce themselves, if there is time ask what their interest is in this particular session. (At least make sure that people know each others name)
  • Reiterate your topic and let everyone know what you mean by this..it may not be self evident. (You may want to briefly state why you choose this topic)
  • Describe your role and the nature of your session: are you presenting information? Are you facilitating a conversation? Are you asking for information?

During your session:

  • Ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and be especially attentive to language differences
  • if jargon, slang or acronyms are used check whether everyone knows the meaning
  • if the discussion is too fast paced you might want to slow it down and allocate some time for people who haven’t spoken to speak if they want
  • summarize and reflect to help people catch up, and keep the conversation focused.
  • Remind people to share the time if need be and ensure you are doing the same.
  • If the conversation gets stuck in disagreement or debate, acknowledge differences and delve underneath to explore underlying assumptions, differing perspectives beliefs, values, etc.
  • Sometimes it helps to pause and notice what is happening in the process and ask people to reflect on how this may be indicative of roles/ issues playing out in the wider environment.

At the end:

  • make a brief summary of your discussion, thank people for time and give a few moments for final words from anyone.
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