change to lower required version of GTK+ to whatever fink offers (2.6 instead of 2.8)

tries with 0.98cvs in Nov 2006 got the splash window up, but it needs mplayer and/or sox. we tricked it by adding

sudo touch /usr/bin/play
sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/play

the latest version has at least one generator (plasma) so it is possible to run this effect, record it ® stop again (q) and then back up as a lv1 file under the file menu.

then this file is at least loadable and playable to see which other effects are operating.

if you go into fullscreen mode and the machine stops responding, use Alt-Apple-Esc which seems to kill the lives process and let you back to your machine.

getting the CVS versions: follow instructions on


make install

– TimBo - 22 Feb 2007

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