Resolving Tech/Eco, Past/Future

Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Retreat, 29th of April 2007

Oliver Lowenstein and Pix

  • helena hetenen (sp?)
    • fiber optic lace (light installation)
    • old craft + new tech
  • rediscovering (almost) “lost knowledge”
    • physical experiences
  • how to not lose things?
    • lace “community” dying
    • loss is a kind of loss of biodiversity
  • craft as contemporary and exciting
  • crossover between lace / architecture
  • Make / Craft magazines. DIY culture, trendy knitting, increasing
    • one splinter of early (90s) media/net art scene
  • Roy Ascott (sp?) - do what is not easy (getting new media artists to do something physical)
  • Computer (the object)
    • work practices
    • physical world gives more direct feedback
    • some professions “require” computer use
    • responsive technology
    • computers as symbol of urban. and urban vs rural.
    • networked rural (connection rural and urban)
    • networked vinyard
  • slow…
  • automation hides knowledge where to draw the line?
  • “abstracting craft” malcolm mculloch (sp?)
  • “the hand” frank …? evolution of the hand
  • scientific (method) vs spirituality. when did this diverge?


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