I am an inflatable maker, and like to develop -new- shapes with the help of the computer. I love all sorts of quality of wind and air, do all sorts of experiments with students at an Artscience department, I am developing a deeper and deeper connection with just ordinary wild plants along the roadsides, i realise semi-public sorts of greenpatches in our neighbourhood where various people feel at home in one way or the other. I like to connect people to other people or various fields preferably in a very invisible way.

When I meat inspiring people, that immediately inspires me into what ever. So for instance I saw the pianist Tomoko in a performance, and it happended that the next morning I sat around the breakfast table with her and her daughter and more people. Tomoko told me that she has been happily running up and down all the way to the bakery herself, to get us nice warm bread. I gues what stayed with me was not the concert she gave, but maybe that natural performance I imagined of her running happily to the bakery. So I gues I am inspired by extra-ordinary everyday actions of people. A good artwork can absolutely inspire me - Imediately I start taking action on making something. Since a while I read every moring a small text by Krishnammurthi, and this gives a wonderfull layer on the day. Books are inspiring to for me, much more ten reading a text online, I guess its the extra sense of something tactile, and soemthing to hold more multi-sensorial and I can be more attentive. I have to say that nature or natural elements give me aswell an enormous inspiration. Its there endless ongoingness, it does not have an opinion, and it carries endless end endless qualities in them.

It means to me, standing on at least three legs. never bet on one horse. Keep moving in various fields

Personal resilience is about focusssing and enjoying various fields of interests

Social resilience is about being in relation with the various people you meet

Planetary resilience is about being the future now.

in the dutch cities many social urban gardening projects are popping up, and people like to grow their own food; the folk-gardens are getting popular again. Another thing i noticed is that young children are very bright and fast these days, it seems to me that they are in an enormous hurry, and as I am a positive person, I secretly think they are in a hurry for our own and planetary benefit.

By Pieter, who said that he sees it as his job to make people in a nice way drunk with his cocktails: which work as a catalysor for people to meet in another way. Where to you meet 34 legs in a 2-persons jacouzie.

I like to keep on woking with the mobile app Boskoi. mmm, more will come

To offer; expertise exchange on social urban gardening projects, wild edible plant guilds, inflatables, temporary shelters, experiments with students

Claud Biemans, chemist, scientist writer, wild plant specialist, socially active person

resilience is a bit like two boxing figures in a the ring: you knock someone down and most of the times even before counting to ten, that person stands up fit again back in the ring, it goes on like that being knocked down and/or knocking someone else down and standing up again. Till the match stops. You have won or lost the match. And that doesn't mean anything: as the next day you just dot the same thing again.

To live one on a personal level

it would be a very present person, and at the same time thinking for generations ahead. its someone who lives a very luxurious life; which might means as simple as possible in which you only own what you really need. The superpower is one that can have dialogues with all sorts of life; chairs, plants, insects, the weather, bricks, etc etc.

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