I'm a cook, choreographer, teacher, gardener, assistant, coach … I prefer to make things my self rater than buy them ready. Or buy things and then make something completely different from it.

Vytold Gombrowski “ Kosmos”, Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”, Dostojevskij “Idiot” and a bunch of poetry are the books that follows me in my life. Artworks–to much to choose from.But i'm most connected with the art of sounds. Starting from creations of Alfred Schnittke till David Shea and others now days noise makers and the people that invent new instruments. People - Also to many great personality's.Maybe just to mention few: Rick Stein, Nick Cave , Workers of Hairdresser saloon in Kaunas, old lady's at the markets, cello players… When i think about it, people or things that inspires me most are connected by sensitivity, openness or completely bonkers.

Simply survivor

Personal resilience is about … honesty in making choices. Social resilience is about … respect. Planetary resilience is about … death and rebirth.

As long as there are people that are doing what they are doing with honesty and pride there is hope.

People with all their different ideas, motivation and approach. I was surprised, how personal things got.

==== Which project, proposal or statement from Luminous Green do you want to continue working on?

For me there was no intention to look for an outcome. I was really glad to participate in discussions and to hear out other opinions. It kind of reassured, that i'm on the right track. And making some new contacts was most important. As for collaboration it is happening already. And i hope it will continue. And that makes me more resilient.

==== What would you need from the Luminous Green community and what are you willing to offer? From Luminous Green community i don't need much more than it is happening already (contacts= possibilities). And i can spread the word about it to other people that are interested in similar things. And i can always cook…

There are always more people that i could invite to join LG experience. But i think it's important to see what kind of group or what goals we want to achieve. Shearing there knowledge with the group would be their contribution. Let me know if you need names.

There are people and things that survive and lives for ever and there are those that don't…

People fiddling with rules. And they always do…

I don't like superheroes , i prefer normal people. I think that's already a lot.

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