Rituals – one should add in ineffiiciency to provide moments for reflection

Cemetries as useful spaces

Organic by-laws

Only native plants – bird and butterfly sanctuary

Remembering the Dead – rituals of rememberance


*Dougald has a new job

Cemetary architecture?

Bart – Bench as memorial – they sit on their father to remember

Rituals of rememberence outside of cemetaries?

Day of the Dead for outside of Mexico?

Meeting the moment to die – Animals leave society – go hide

EXISTING v New Rituals

Do we need more rituals?

Seasonal events – herbologies and foraging / midsummer

Can we revive traditions?

Mending as a ritual of thanks to old and loved objects

Charlie Davies – Green stickers as a way of recording good purchases within a community

Security lines Flight safety

rhythms of transition

Swimming pools and gardens – Changi – Architecture that can encourage contemplation

Rituals of arrival

waiting for the waters to arrive / catch up Spirit travels slower – let it catch up Aquarium in Vancouver – Jellyfish in arrival space

Sitting Down before you leave – Russian / Eastern European

Starting things at odd hours 4am v 4pm – significance of times

Sleeping and Waking

Night time consciousness

Should we Cut Away Rituals? Prune them?

Cut away : regular meals

Rituals in the workplace



Salad days – everyone contributes something that makes a salad

Dice rolling School of Everything

  • Double 1 – everyone tidies
  • Double 6 – excursion for the office!

Recording on a calendar when money will arrive (without a plan) – money arrives

Looking at the fire as universal ritualising

The ritual of HOW ARE YOU? And actually being careful in your response

Only talk about money and business on Mondays (both in home and office) get on with it the rest of the week

Undesignated talks – a meeting about anything turns into ritualised play

The ritual of making time

Anticipation as a ritual

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