The Village (of the Resilients)

V – with 100£ to 500 £ per person

possible to provide hosing, water and sanitation and other cool stuff at the generous end

Woodstoves Shared Vehicle

Physical infrastructure

Is this a Favela, a Shantytown, a Slum?

Year long LG space?

10 acres

Shared Space / Empty spaces – how to find? – Sauna


How is this not a commune?

Rename it an unintentional community / game / experiment

who manages resources in the space? Miller / bus driver

Trades and Guilds

Education > Dissemination

Search Strategy for a location ? Water , transport? Arable land?

West v East?

3 month pilot project?

Appropriate technology – test it

Burning Man / Twixtville

Treehouse Gallery

Global ecovillage


Connections: Spacemakers, Seaside / Sauna – Tapio, Phase 1 – 8 weeks and review


late september meeting

mid sept resilience proposal

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