The well known Swedish eco-stunt-man and survival engineer Martin Brolin will be working in collaboration with fOam on a project named Tsunami Pants. This project aims to create semi-practical solutions to endure the extreme weather conditions that are associated with future climate changes. see node Meteorological Disasters

In his design policy Martin only works with materials that follow the principle of Waste=Food. All designs that this collaboration brings forth will be tested by Mr Brolin personally, first in controlled laboratory conditions and then in a natural setting.

Foam and associated partners can not be held responsible for any personal or collateral damage resulting from this project or other experiments that are based on some or any technologies or designs made within the Tsunami Pants project.

Mr Brolin comes from a long tradition of survival engeneers, this for instance is an early 19th century model wearing the latest in shipwreck personal flotation devices.


Picture from: Le Portefeuille Industriel, a collection of technical drawings from Musée des Arts et Métiers.

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