The Masarang Foundation.

Set up by Dr. Willie Smits, who also set-up the borneo_orangutan_survival_foundation . It is located in the highlands of the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi. The most notable project is the Masarang Palm Sugar Factory, which offers a steady income to local farmers, protects the local rainforest and wildlife. From January 2007 the Sugar palm factory is working that uses geothermal energy for heating and rain water for cooling.

Why does it work?

  • All farmers get a steady income and in return sign a contract that ensures that they don't damage the forest.
  • All land that is cleared for Sugar-palm actually gets used, while the land cleared for Palmseed oil is only used for 7,5%. The rest is just cleared for wood and never farmed.
  • The factory produces no waste, even the rainwater is recycled.
  • The flooding of European sugar into Indonesia has lessened because subsidies have changed.


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