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Material ConneXion is the world's leading knowledge base for information about new and innovative materials. Through our comprehensive innovative materials libraries located on three continents and our project-specific custom materials research group ‰ÛÒ the Advanced Material Solutions Team - Material ConneXion provides all disciplines of design development: product, packaging, architectural, interior, apparel and more, with both creative and competitive edge. Material ConneXion is an invaluable asset to corporate, industrial, retail, creative, and academic organizations as well as individual designers.

Now you can fined materialconnexion as well in other 3 cities, such as Bankok, Cologne and Milano:

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5 people working in Cologne.They travel all over the Europe to look for new materials, collecting the samples from fairs and companies, searching system- travel, phone contacts, networking 50 people working all over the Europe (Cologne, Milan).

Contact person: Bleymehl, Karsten textile researcher wrote this theses on textile in Milan

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