for some strange reason it works well with sbcl, yet is awkward using openMCL.

;; testing McCLIM on OsX

;; setup clx in openmcl
;; #+openmcl

(require :defsystem)
(load "/usr/local/src/ccl/tools/clx/defsystem")
(cl-user::load-clx "/usr/local/src/ccl/tools/clx/" :macrosp T)

;; setup clim...
;;  currently with defsystem in openmcl and asdf in sbcl...

(load "/usr/local/src/ccl/tools/McCLIM/system.lisp")

;;   (operate-on-system :clim :compile)  ;; Build CLIM
;;   (operate-on-system :clim-clx :compile) ;; Build a backend
;;   (operate-on-system :clim-examples :compile)

;; for sbcl (assuming asdf is installed)
;; #+sbcl

(require 'sb-bsd-sockets)
(require 'clx)

;; test clx ...
;; (load "/usr/local/lib/asdf/clx/demo/menu")
;; (xlib::just-say-lisp "unix")

(load "/usr/local/src/ccl/tools/McCLIM/system.lisp")
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :clim-clx-user)
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