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Hackable medical technologies.

 Omron ultrasonic cleaner defigrllator

minXray oxygen generator

adhesive support drypro

suresight ear anesthetics

Medical masks.

Puritan_Bennetts_innovative_Breeze™_SleepGear™_Nasal_Interface_System.jpg Nasal-Aire_2_Critical_Care.jpg Innomed_Nasal-Pap_Freestyle_Nasal_Interface.jpg
Burn-mask_Otto_Bock_Silicon_House_Duderstadt.jpg Burn-Relief-self-cooling-non-adhering-face-mask.jpg


Eye-washskin-sanitizercleansing spray[[External Link]]Sanizene-disinfectant


water purifierair purifier

  • 'First Need' deluxe water purifier, from
  • Hunter air purifier features the HEPAtech multi-stage air purification system, that removes smoke, dust, pollen and most airborne allergen particles as small as .1 micron, from
'Oriental neck therapy' neck stretching device.
'Rolyan' silicone elastomer, molded inserts provide shock absorption to 'sensitive areas'.


Scar-pump, Use when skin adhesions limit motion.
Blood clotting spray and handpowered emergency blood suction.
First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies
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