I based my work on the following recipe.

Here are the lessons learned:

  • Don't got too quickly when seleting containers : select bigger ones if there is a doubt.
  • For small amounts of milk, warm it up in bain-marie rather than directly in the pan.
  • When growing yeast, mix them well to avoid clusters at the bottom of the container.
  • Be careful to have more meal (more was needed) and more butter (to put on cooking plates).
  • Read the recipe carefully : I made a few mistakes because I was not reading correctly.
  • Listen to long radio shows, to avoid hitting play all the time.
  • It is normal that the dow does not rise in spectacular way, it will rise in the oven.

Here is some successful guessed parameter values:

  • Did not wait more than the time for the butter to become liquid before incorporating it.
  • Rising time : one hour.
  • Pre-heating the oven at 250° for 50 minutes without opening, and then cooking the cramique for 45 minutes at 175°

Here are details that have not been important:

  • The butter wasn't softened, but completely liquid.
  • At some point, the dow was not “compact” as expected. Did I tried to add up too much meal ?

No major problem in the end, so these details probably aren't relevant.

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