I like to document the processes I am involved in. I think it can be really useful, as it allows me to lie down in a organized way the messy bubbling thoughts that fill my days.

However, documentation can be time consuming if it focuses too much on useless details. It can also make me feel unproductive when, for every hour spent on action, I spend another hour on documenting.

Part of my research this year will be to find an appropriate balance between documentation and action. I will try to explicit here my documentation strategy, and some generalized insights that may be useful to others trying to document the processes they are dealing with.

Daily Log

I try to keep track of my everyday tasks, especially when I am dealing with many little tasks during one day. I can then fight against a potential feeling of unproductivity.

Transiency Diary

I use a blog to post open questions I am currently struggling with to a wider sphere.


I use this platform more as an encyclopedic report of what I learn from my experiments.


One day, as I felt very unproductive, I decided to represent my daily log in a visual holoptic way. I choose a color code and some symbols, and started a timeline to keep track of my activities over the “long-term”.

Here is the color code I choose:

  • Light green: Transiency-related activities
  • Dark green: Transiency-related medium-term project
  • Blue: exploratory activities, travels
  • Orange: social activities
  • Purple: visits to/from friends
  • Pink: representation events like courses & conference, and their preparation

This tool allows me to stop freaking out whenever I feel like I did nothing since the beginning of the Transiency. It also allows me to try to understand better why I feel bad or unproductive after some specific period. For instance, I noticed that I have to be careful not to overload myself with social activities, and to keep quite large periods of concentration on Transiency activities, rather than small 2-3 days chunks cut down by many explorations, for instance.

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