I built most of my seedling pots out of waste packaging found in FoAM's bin.

I used many different kinds:

  • Plastic bottles bottoms
  • Aluminium drinking cans
  • Aluminium food cans
  • Small & big plastic yoghurt pots
  • Cardboard-aluminium drink boxes bottoms
  • Cream cheese plastic boxes
  • Appetizers plastic boxes
  • Vegetable plastic boxes
  • Eggboxes
  • Toilet paper rolls

The only thing not to forget is to poke holes at the bottom of the containers for draining.

My favorites remain plastic boxes. Aluminium cans are good, but their cutting edge may be harmful for some creeper's thin stems. Pure cardboard ones, like eggboxes and toilet paper rolls dry very quickly and are fragile when soaked with water. I would not advise them.

My first batch was made from very big pots, which need a lot of soil to be filled. My subsequent ones where made with smaller pots, to save the amount of soil use and start out more seeds from the beginning.

To start out seedlings, I would say that small yogurt pots are the best I found until now.

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