MUS-E Belgium ia a bilingual institution organising Art-in-School projects. Artists from various disciplines are invited to bring their practice to school and work in a school class with children and their teacher to initiate an artistic process. MUS-E stimulates and develops de potential creativity in each child, encourages aesthetics and harmony and is open for various cultures. The mission is to offer art to a large number of children. The children absorb skills correlated to their age, development and perception. These are expressions that are not necessarily prioritized in the school curriculum. Experiencing and living art is a source of knowledge. Art stimulates the pleasure of discovering, curiosity, the interest and the access to alternative forms of knowledge. Art contributes to the intellectual, social and aesthetic development of an individual and builds bridges to other cultures.

In 2011, Mus-E and FoAM did their first production together. A longer term collaboration is envisaged, starting with a proposal for the school year 2011/2012 under the theme of “Kunst in de Keuken” - Art in the Kitchen. Art in the Kitchen is an Art-in-School programme, where professional artists work around the topic of cooking, kitchen and food. The habits of eating, the culture of food, the similarities and differences depending on cultural backgrounds are in the centre of attention. The kitchen becomes a meeting place for children where they can operate in a creative way, get to know each other and work together towards a collaborative delicious result.

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