re: the nebula device and it slavic onomatopoetics

the nebula console

relevant files,.


press 'esc' to enter the console ('>' is console prompt)

to see what commands are available


other useful comands

ndir, psel, sel, dir
/usr/camera and observer are important
/sys/servers/ <- input keymapping and mouse stuff


 /usr/scene>new n3node node1
 >sel node1
 >new meshnode mesh1
 >sel mesh1
   ('pwd' will show the working path)
 /usr/scene/node1>new nshadernode sn1
 >sel sn1 
   (warning: do not run 'getcmds' in a shader node as it will crash)
 >source shader.n
    (will load the file 'shader.n' from the current directory)
 /usr/scene/node1/>new ntexarraynode tex1
 >sel tex1
 >settexture 0  none
           (chanel)           (alpha)
 /usr/scene>source licht.tcl (default lighting, will create '/usr/scene/dlight')
 /usr/scene/node1/sn1>setlightenable true


 /usr/scene/node1>new nipol ipol
  >sel ipol
  >beginkeys 2 1
  >addkey1f 0 0 
  >addkey1f 10 360 
  >conenct rx
    (should produce an object rotating around the x axis)


'delete' will remove a node 'gett' and 'gets' will show (?) values 'txyz 0 0 0“ will move an object to the origin

receiving a particular chanenl in a nipol » 'setchannel1f s1'

  • use '' (as seen on the XmedkWorkshopFiles page)
  • open it from inside blender
  • edit the line; characterdir = ”/path/to/files/“
  • select object to export (in object mode) press alt-p
  • enter filename in dialog
  • object will be exported as a .n3d file

osc inlets in fijuu

 >sel /sys/servers
 /sys/servers>new noscserver osc1
 >sel osc1
 >.open 5558 localhost 5559
    (in-port out-host out-port)

 - in tcl (see: servers.tcl)  
         new noscserver /sys/servers/osc
         /sys/servers/ 5558 localhost 5559

on macos(X)

since fijuu is still something of a moving target and heavily reliant on nebula, it might make more sense to put some effort into getting nebula to work 'properly' on OsX before attempting to deal with the fijuu extensions/modifications.

here are some instructions. , »

you will need a few libs, which can be installed manually or with fink (and proably darwinports, if you prefer)

checkout the nebula (1) code from sourceforge

% cvs -d : pserver: login
% cvs -d : pserver: co nebula

make a few modifications. ,,.

in nebula/code/src/config.mak


( This shouldn't be necessary if the OSTYPE variable is correctly exported. I had trouble getting all of the right variables exported in zsh but it mostly worked in bash. )

in nnebula.pak, nopengl.pak, wftools.pak

remove 'ILU' from the 'setframeworks_macosx { }' lines

(since ILU is part of the DevIL/IL framework)

make.. .

to get it compiling I needed to remove quite a lot of things. most of these were things that I had poorly added as modules, which had chicken-and-egg build dependency problems, which occasionally bit us under linux too. from memory, these are fudi, nmesheffect2 and nmeshwarp. the fudi stuff is no longer used to it's easier to remove all reference to it from any “*.pak” files. also, move the fudi.pak file to fudi.pak.disabled. for the “nmesh*” objects, move the beginmodule stuff from their .pak files into nnebula.pak itself. add the setmods part of the .pak file to the main settarget block of the nnebula.pak. also rename their .pak files .pak.disabled so that they don't get compiled.

other packages have problems and should be removed, namely opcode and npython. these can be removed in the same way as above (move .pak to .pak.disabled and remove any remaining references in the other .pak files).

i haven't worked out the bundles stuff yet. following the instructions on the nebula twiki i can at least get to the same error messages they are getting about the Log server. a good resource about bundles would be handy.

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