after fidling with NFS, samba and netatalk, it seems that currently NFS offers the best subset of support for the following; decent transfer times, long filename suport ( n > 31 chars), mounting .dmg files, ease of access from finder/linux/windows.

while NFS support is kinda wonky between debian(testing) and osX(10.3.2) with default values, its not so hard to improve performance noticeably

server setup

on debian GNU Linux apt-get install the nfs stuff, and use the ubiquitous linuxdoc

edit /etc/exports to include a line something like /home/shared 192.168.254.*(rw,async,insecure)

note: rw(readwrite), async (asyncronous i/o is MUCH faster), insecure (required for BSD level in-seekurity)



fidle with /etc/fstab and netinfo

static mounting (at startup) using netinfo manager, setup a new mount (in '/mounts') add

  • property: name , value:
  • property: dir , value: /Network/<mountpoint name>
  • property: vfstype ,value: nfs
  • property: opts ,value: -w=8192 -r=8192 -l8192 -2 -a=4 -b -U net

for automouting automation using netinfo manager, setup a new mount (in '/mountmaps') see


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