FEAT is a world-first initiative for artists to take ownership over accelerating our clean energy future at a critical time in human history. We are artist-led, science-backed, and results-oriented. We believe in the power of live music, the reality of the climate crisis and the need to rapidly transition to a renewables-based economy.

I had suspected that all of this flying, and all of the energy that goes into tours, can’t be very good for the environment – but there was no solution that existed beyond carbon offsetting,” Lenffer says. Offsetting is essentially an attempt at equalisation: when you offset your flights, you try to compensate for the carbon by donating to a program to suck it out of the atmosphere, via tree planting or sequestration someplace else. Lenffer wanted to aim higher. Partnering with the superannuation fund Future Super, and the developer Impact Investment Group, Lenffer has established FEAT. (Future Energy Artists): a platform that officially launches on Wednesday and will allow musicians to build and invest in their own solar farms.


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