Upper (with Tanqueray No.10)

Beetroot air, mousse, juice & crisps

  • Toast: Femke Snelting - Decoding/encoding gestures: on open source and cooking
  • Reply: Kate Rich, Cube Cola: recipe as field report


  • c1: textured raw pizza
  • c2: cola DIY construction kit

/kadaif, ginger and plantain tangle/

  • Toast: Ann Light - From Land to Mouth
  • Reply: Stefan Magdalinski - Reforming what we eat


  • c3: Banana capuccino
  • c4: A still life with coffee, couscous & belgian endives

/ palate cleanser: physalis fruit croquant /

  • Toast: Sneha Solanki - Reclaiming the nostalgia of kitchen science
  • Reply: Maki Ueda - What happens if you don't close the pan when making a soup?


  • c5: Spherical pumpkin soup in tea
  • c6: Scent of pea and mint soup with mint ice-cream
  • Toast: Alok Nandi - Sights, sounds, spices…
  • Reply: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino - Food and progress: a complex relationship of excess.

“To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.” - Adelle Davis


  • c7: Fruity mushroom Gol-Gappa
  • c8: Inside-out Stump & Saucijs
  • Toast: Wietske Maas - Urbanibalism: devouring metropolitan yeasts and other unsuspecting edibles in a city near you
  • Reply: Allison Zinder - Concrete Honey: Between honey and a hard place


  • c09: FermentBrussels, Dragon with a scent of honey and lemon tea
  • c10: Herb & honey salad, rose cocktail
  • Toast: f0amf0od team
  • Reply: Stevie Wishart


  • c11: cheesy toothpaste
  • c12: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

/Downer cocktail/

Colour scheme: black, brown (wood), white, metallic, transparent (glass)

Some initial ideas

  • upper: what kind of glass?
  • foamfood: glass container, or something that can absorb the colour
  • c1: rough wooden boards
  • c2: something dark to hold the nest + drops of light sauce (black stone?)
  • c3: glass (turkish tea?)
  • c4: oval, elongated plate (similar to the thin long dishes we have in the studio)
  • c5: thick test tube, or chinese double bottom tea-cups, or…
  • c6: paper strips?
  • c7: rings (eggs/curtains, poffertjes)
  • c8: dark (wooden) plates, or petri-dishes
  • c9: lab-glass (test tubes, shallow oval glass plates
  • c10: shells (would the fennel fit in there?)
  • c11: a large, square plate
  • downer: what kind of glass?

Cocky supplies:

  • 23 shells as plates, I'll look for some more at the market
  • 15 petridishes; includes top and bottom
  • 9 round spectacle glasses (you have them too)
  • 25 turkish tea glasses
  • many chopsticks
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