You are proposing topics/questions for discussion, in the form of a 'toast', or a 'reply'. You are paired with one other person to form a 'course', which consists of about 45 minutes of conversations on a particular topic, one drink and two dishes. Each course has a topic related to food culture that you are (we think) quite knowledgeable about. The topics, structure & flow of the menu can be found on open_sauces_menu_2008.

For those of you proposing 'toasts', your contributions are usually dealing with setting the context for a course, posing a general question, proposing a problem. People 'replying' could have a more specific question, or a particular approach/inspiration/solution to discuss.

NOTE: Your toast/reply should be really short, aiming to spark conversations - they are NOT speeches & not a show & tell about a specific project! Imagine raising a glass “To…!”. Or you can think about 1 question and maybe 2 points to clarify it - up to 1 minute maximum. It would be great if one of you could also moderate the conversations and the other take notes, so we capture most interesting points (we'll think of a fun way of doing this).

You can use the dishes served as visualisations/tastifications of your toasts & replies. The cooks have some ideas that we will propose to you individually, but we're also open to suggestions. NOTE: that we'll have to compromise sometimes, to make sure that the flow of the whole dinner is taste-wise, as well as conceptually sound…

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