Zveza Radioamaterjev Slovenije (ZRS) map http://www.hamradio.si/prmap.html

linux HOWTO http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/AX25-HOWTO/

“The strengths of an MFSK mode with FEC lie in is robustness and reliability under poor conditions. This mode was developed to enable those skeds to be kept, no matter what the conditions prevailing. MFSK is neither fast nor error free - just reliable and robust. For a faster QSO mode, use RTTY or PSK31. For fast error-free activity an ARQ mode such as Pactor should be used. Results will of course differ.

MFSK16 is a keyboard-to-keyboard “real time” mode, suitable for rag-chewing, nets and DX. Since the error correction is of the FEC type, it is also highly appropriate for bulletin broadcasts. Its technical superiority and ease of use should make it a natural replacement for RTTY, and should be considered for other rag-chew activity as well. Use MFSK when conditions are very changeable, the band is dying, or there is excessive ionospheric doppler. Use MFSK on low bands when you want good copy despite very bad static and lightning noise.”


“APRS combines the use of Amateur Radio packet systems, Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), Weather stations, and the Internet to make use of real time physical location and weather information.” http://www.king.igs.net/~karc/aprs/aprs.htm

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