Parallel and distributed (and concurrent ( and … )) using/related to LISP.

Bill Clementson made quite a few blog entries that are worth digesting. ,

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“cl-muproc - Erlang-inspired multi-processing in Common LISP” via Klaus Harbo , Mu Aps.

thinking machines

Connection Machine LISP - LISP with a parallel data structure, the xapping, an array of values assigned to an array of sites.



historical/ /references

  • Parallel Lisp: Languages and Systems, US/Japan Workshop on Parallel Lisp, Sendai, Japan, June 1989.
    • Qlisp, Ron Goldman, Richard Gabriel, Carol Sexton, a scheme-like
    • Multilisp, Robert Halstead, an extended Scheme-version
    • PaiLisp, paper by Takayasu Ito and Manabu Matsui, a kernel-language
    • gc-algorithms, James Miller, Barbera Epstein
    • Concurrent Scheme, Robert Kessler, Mark Swanson, concurrent threads in seperate domains
    • the Boyer benchmark, W.Ludwell Harrison, (compiler-notes)
    • ABCL, An Object-Oriented Concurrent System, Akinori Yonezawa (workshop), Etsuya Shibanyama and Yonezawa (book)
    • TAO, Ikuo Takeuchi, practical expirience, runs on ELIS Lisp machine, (namespace problems - symbol packages)
    • MacELIS, Ken-ichiro Murakami
    • Mul-T, David Kranz, Robert Halstead, Eric Mohr (optimizing compiler generating code for Encore Multimax)
    • Utilisp, (University of Tokyo Interactive Lisp), Hideya Iwasaki, (mutilisp, implementation, simulat parallelism by time-slicing)
    • PM!, PMLisp, Taiichi Yuasa, Takafumi Kawana, (8-bit Z80, first prototype of “P-machine”), Scheme-like
    • EVLIS, Hiroshi Yasui, Tashikazu Sakaguchi, Kohichi Kudo, Nobuyuki Hironishi, (multiport mem-sys)
    • TOP-1, Norihisa Suzuki, ongoing project of parallel Common Lisp
    • GHC (guarded-Horn-clause), Kazunori Ueda (comments: Akikazu Takeuchi), (variables in p-languages)
    • OPS-5, Hiroshi Okuno, (parallelizing 2 large AI systems)
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