Served at the Citadelpark in Ghent at the opening of Electrified on the 31st of August 2012


The patabotanists have to excuse themselves for not being present at the Citadelpark. They’ve sent their research assistants to represent them and serve dishes to test human responses to particular plants and experiences. The research assistants work in pairs, where one person serves and the other one functions as a ‘sitter’, preparing the person for the experience and asking about the experience afterwards. At the end of the picnic, we want to have recordings of how people describe their experiences, either audio or written notes. The sitter decides how they want to record it.


Lily’s Moondrop

A drop of verbena dew in a leaf of Alchemilla Vulgaris in a cloud of morning mist

  • Served by Maja, sitter Nik

Verbena dew in a round flask, served with a pipet. Alchemilla leaves served in a book. Maja rolls the leaf in the hand of the drinker and drips a few drops of dew on the leaf. While the person drinks Nik sprays a mist of morning dew scent above their head/nose. Nik asks the people to describe the experience in a few words.

Daphne’s Moderation

Balancing volatiles of acacia and lemon balm in a duo of herb and hand cream

  • served by Christina, sitter Rasa

cream served in chemical/cosmetic glass jar, lemon balm growing out of Christina's clothing. Christina breaks two leaves of lemon balm and places them on people's tongues. Simultaneously Rasa smears people's hands with hand cream and instructs them to place the hands over their face.

Rasa asks the people about what they felt/seen behind their palms)

——- 20 mins

Hazel’s Union of Opposites

Crunchy (Romanesco) broccoli florets with bloody mary and basil pesto

  • served by Nik, sitter Alkan

broccoli florets served in a glass or metal bowl, two sauces in 2 (golden, metal, or glass) chalices/flasks. The person chooses a broccoli floret and places it on their tongue. Nik dips a syringe into each flask and squirts a little of both sauces in the person's mouth. Alkan asks people what they experienced)

Bud’s Edible Archive

Barley and nettle maki with horseradish paste and ginger petals

  • served by Shelly, sitter Pieter

numbered maki rolls served in a briefcase. Shelly serves the rolls, while Pieter takes the numbers and files them in a small notebook. next to the number he writes notes about people's experiences.

Ivy’s Fool’s Errand

Sweet chilli glazed button mushrooms on a stick, with wasabi sesame seeds and popping candy

  • served by Jura, sitter Rasa

Mushrooms served in a basket. Rasa to decide on experience and question (something related to adventure, journeys…)

Ashton’s Conscious Infusion

Potatoes roasted in salt crust with oak coffee butter

  • served by Theun, sitter Christina

potatoes served in a lined linen backpack, oak sauce from a metal bowl. Christina helps people take a potato out of the backpack, Theun offers the sauce without speaking and facial expressions.

Christina asks people about what they think about winning / conquering / being predators /consumers

Herbert’s Craftman’s Language

Minty Rice Paper infused in Lingua Ignota

  • served by Bart sitter Maja

Rice papers served in wooden briefcase, mint spray (Jet 27) in perfume flasks. Bart lets people chose a paper, sprays mint on the paper, asks people to read the word out loud and swallow it. Maja asks them about what word came up in their minds after swallowing.

—— 40 mins

Larch’s Thorny Swamp

Ghent’s swamp cake in wormwood shrubbery

  • served by Alkan, sitter Nik

Swamp cake served from a suitcase. Alkan offers the cake without speaking or looking at people, just gesturing to people to take the cake. Nik observes people's reactions, and writes down his observations without asking anything.

Pansy’s Spring Blossoms

A bouquet of candied flowers

  • served by Rasa, sitter Theun

candied and fresh flowers served in the leather binoculars case. Rasa to decide how she'll serve. Theun can ask what activities people get most energy from.

—- 30 mins

Fraser’s Sweet Sacrifice

Lavender sugar suspended. Electrolyte cocktail

  • served by Pieter, sitter Shelly

sugar cubes and herbs served in a small suitcase, cocktail in a lab flask. Shelly asks people to get a glass from the bar. When they come with the glass, Pieter pours the cocktail and arranges the sugar. While they drink, Shelly asks the people to imagine themselves as plants, what plants would they be and why.

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