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Zizim was an experimental platform borrowing from Boskoi, consisting of a website and mobile app for geotagging plants and ecologically significant locations. Under continuous testing and development throughout Borrowed Scenery, it represented the locative dimension of the cross-pollination between physical and virtual, pointing both to useful practical information on the urban geography of plants and gardens, while also accommodating more fanciful representations, such as ambiguous “pataplants” and “pataportals” – physically significant places that interfaced with the Aniziz game to transport players to other locations.

Zizim is a field guide to remarkable plants and gardens. A valuable tool for a patabotanical field worker, it allows you to assemble and explore a growing collection of urban plants amenable to live with humans and gardens where people cultivate, contemplate, exchange and eat plants. Please peruse this field guide in your neighbourhood and further afield. Your contributions will be of utmost value to observation and experience of human-plant interactions in the city. You can report your find and affix your field-note on these pages, or using our mobile notebook for Android based tracking devices. We also need your help nurturing these plants in the world of Aniziz.

About Us

We are a group of patabotanists attempting to reinvigorate human-plant interaction. We come from a place where humans are accustomed to communication with the ‘planetary Other’, including our close neighbours from the domain of eukarya - plants and fungi. Some time ago, we discovered that we share portions of your digital networks, where we found something unbelievable: we were bamboozled by the lack of reciprocal understanding and non-communication between humans and plants, especially considering current environmental and cultural degradation. Hence, in August 2012 we embarked on a quest (code name Jiejing, aka Borrowed Scenery) to attempt to reestablish pathways between Earth-bound sentiences. To begin with, we plan to observe, collect and experiment with interactions between humans and plants in a dense urban environment. We chose a place that is large enough to include a diversity of habitats, while small enough for us to be able to do all our fieldwork on foot (as we are not accustomed to riding or driving machines).

During 2012CE we were based in Gent, Belgium and operated from a temporary lab in an abandoned candy store.

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