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ARG tutorial

liminality explanationmystery moodboardingintroductionsthe cactus ARG - why?adrian-real-worldadrian-spooksmatthandsscreens

Tarot tutorial

Paola Orlic, The Tarot GuruPaola digging deep into Tarot historyToasting with the Hanged ManMaja explaining the connections between tarot & plantsStevie Wishart's Viriditas interludeClaud & the American Invaders: The ChariotTarot lecture at KABKThe tarot labDiscussing the mood-boardsThe patabotanical tarot designers

legal identity


silent dialogues & radio mycelium

L1005697L100573220121018Fungal mastermind121019-160312.jpgL1005775-Editelectromuke

Borrowed Scenery

Borrowed Scenery ARN - 06Borrowed Scenery ARN - 11Borrowed Scenery ARN - 14Borrowed Scenery ARN - 15Borrowed Scenery ARN - 18Borrowed Scenery ARN - 28Borrowed Scenery ARN - 29Borrowed Scenery ARN - 76Borrowed Scenery ARN - 77Borrowed Scenery ARN - 89

strange halos (website design, if we want to use this)

Borrowed Scenery ARN - 48Borrowed Scenery ARN - 39Borrowed Scenery ARN - 51Borrowed Scenery ARN - 55

Vegetal Culture research project at KABK (this text still needs to be written…)

waht woulda vegetal culture be likewinter ice 2lavender strives in the snowsmelling Artemisia absinthiumplug in the frequenciesfractal growthdesigning gardencenters tagsLoes's arduino shadow testparagraphsDuncan Speakman and Matt Wieteska
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