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The file header looks like this.

UGRF 0x01000000D7B06247871D0000 UGSF 0x00AE0C00 UGMF 0x60B00C00 UGCF 0xF8B10C0020 AMX 0x18B30C00 PROP 0x70B30C00 SIZE 0x20CF0C00

Then its padded by a bunch of 0x30's
And then the first song

UGSF 0x01 12days_mbox

I would venture to guess that:
"URF" & "UGRF" = Ugobe Resource File
"UGSF" = Uglobe Sound File
"UGMF" = Uglobe Motion File
"UGCF" = Uglobe C??? File

I took the first UGSF segment and pulled it in to audacity as a raw file. It didn't sound very good, but I could discern a ho ho ho. Signed 8 bit PCM worked the best for me, but like I said it didn't sound very good, so there must be something else done to the data. Perhaps it's just scaled, or there's some output filtering. Also, the AMX in the header probably refers to the pawn virtual machine code. One of the pleo's creators said that's what they used. I didn't find a decompiler for the AMX virtual machine, so I haven't tried to extract any code there. It is documented and the source code is available, so I imagine that might be a good place to look.


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