A food futures menu based on the tasting tomorrow scenarios, created during the prototyping week, as part of Tasting Tomorrow.

Wake for the Rain

Sacramental spirit. Mezcal, wild fennel, pomegranate
Botanical offering. Aloe vera, coconut water
Saliva invocation. Goat yoghurt, cucumber, sumac, coriander, rosemary, dehydrated olives
Desert rain. Freeze-dried broccoli, popped amaranth
Water wafer. Nopal, lime

EcoIKEAworld Canteen

Rejuvenation. Water, water, water, water
Antioxidants. Crisp with microgreens, faux snail eggs, chia, stracchino
Eternal youth. Nori chips with green tea quail eggs
Superjuice. Wheat grass, barley grass, alfa alfa, spirulina, chlorella, moringa, etc. etc. water
Cardiac jelly. Red wine jellies
Broad spectrum antidepressant. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, currants, red wine
Botox serum. Coconut chocolate, coconut milk

Pirate Potluck

Smoked butter. Hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, feral cow butter, wild rye bread
Pirate mapo. Tofu, harissa, olives, dried apricots, wild garlic and onion, dry bread
Fish-slime congee. Rice, dulse, shiso, sesame, soy, vegetable skins
Black snack. Dehydrated black bananas, apricots
Clandestine sweets. Dates, coffee, cardamom, carob (Leila)

Urban Picnic

Asparagus. Tamari, lemon
Strawberries. Maltese honey, basil, parmesan, oat, purple corn
Bread and butter. Ftira, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin seeds
Cider vinegar. Cinnamon, sparkling water
Chocolate. Ginger, olive oil, mango

Reception table, menu I


Menu design, preparation and presentation:

FoAM (Nik Gaffney & Maja Kuzmanovic), Greta Muscat Azzopardi, Natalie Debono
→ with conceptual contributions from Kurt Micallef, Letta Shtohryn, Tim Boykett and Johannes Buch

Ingredients sourced from: Bahrija Permaculture Farm, The Vegbox, Core Green and PAMA Mosta.

Menu served on dishes designed by local artists and crafters: Sue Mifsud, Paul Singleton and The Olivewood Shop.

Maltese dishes

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