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-Yukio Futagawa;
-Ant Farms inflatable, 1971

-Marylin Monroe
-eagle_parachute 1944

Jud Yalkut's Dream Reel. Partially openend parachute becomes Isobe's Floating Theatre for presentation of Jud Yalkut's Dream Reel intermedia environment at Oneonta, New York. 1969.making use of four 16 mm projectors, two 8 mm projectors, four carrousel slide projectors, and two four-track stereo tape systems in order to combine swirling abstractions. source; expanded cinema, Photos; courtesy of Yukihisa Isobe.


by wind inflated, at the frozen lake; Eemmeer in the Netherlands. Cocky Eek- 2012

Casa basica: Martin Ruiz de Azua, 1999
Polyester, 6' 6 3/4“ x 6' 6 3/4” x 6' 6 3/4“ (200 x 200 x 200 cm)
The basic house is an habitable volume; foldable, inflatable and reversible. “I came up with an almost immaterial house that self inflates with body heat or from the heat of the sun; so simple and versatile that it protects us from the cold and from the heat when reversed; so light that it floats; and moreover, it folds up and fits into your pocket. Ideal for a life on the move without material ties. Having everything without having almost anything.”

Wind Dress: Cocky Eek, 2002, Eemnes, The Netherlands


kite dress- cocky eek, The Netherlands

Aiko Kubo's thesis project at Konstfack, 2012.Investigation into a changeable character of space or air around human body. I made an architectural sculpture with textiles like a soft wall, which flutters, inflates, spins and flips by the wind from fan systems. It begun by researching how the room (=bubbles) that works as one’s territory is melted in our living environments today. source:

The Aeolian Ride: a project by Jessica Findley
50 people in wind inflated suits riding. As the rider's body is re-sculpted through inflated shapes, his/her physical and mental self-awareness become more acute. By joining a group of costumed cyclists a person also becomes aware of the connection of the group as a whole.

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