see: printer drivers for details


  • Canon PGI-35 Cartridge Black
  • Canon CLI-36 Cartridge Color
  1. enter service mode: hold down info and back buttons while starting up.
  2. navigate menus and press random buttons till problem goes away

on OsX 10.3.4 the hp supplied drivers wont install properly (giving “out of memory” errors). so the solution is to use the gimp-print drivers (v 4.2.7), which work perfectly but need a few instructions for setting up and configuring.. ..

  • download gimp-print from here >
  • install the package
  • follow the included instuctions about how to add a printer (How to print with Gimp-Print.pdf)
  • an 'officejet 7100 series' item should appear, select it
  • select the “HP DeskJet 900 series - CUPS+Gimp-Print v4.2.7” driver (which works for the 7130 also)
  • print

on debian (or other GnuLinux) this might help >

redezvous / wireless

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