Process Physics

A new method for the modelling of reality is currently being developed called Process Physics. In process physics we start from the premise that the limits to logic (which are implied by Gödel's? incompleteness theorems and more recently the work of Gregory Chaitin) mean that any attempt to model reality via a formal system is doomed to failure. Instead of formal systems we use a process system, which uses the mechanisms of self-referential noise and self-organized criticality to create a new type of system capable of realising both our original formal physical modelling of reality (in particular we believe that the formalisms of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can emerge from process physics) and the random truths of Chaitin, which we believe will lead to a model capable of exhibiting features such as the direction of time, the present moment effect and quantum state entanglement (including EPR effects, nonlocality and contextuality), as well as perhaps still unknown effects.

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