Transmitting your transactions to tomorrow, today - at very reasonable rates!

Your thoughts of today beamed into the forward lightcone of tomorrows by our semi-trans-temporal delivery service and network of semi-trans-temporal information servers.

Future mail will be an open protocol for transmission into the unknown later times.

The forward mechanism is a protocol for the (physical or virtual) time capsule, and the backward mechanism is to be determined (pending only the existance of a sentient and curious future and of an adequate science).

deep time:

anti-instant-messaging : delaying ideas beyond the horizon of attention.. .

the geological mail.

general operation:

  • one way time travel, at a range of resolutions.
  • an open, email-compatible server and network specification
  • an open protocol for sending telecommunication to the future.
  • an open protocol for sending telecommunication from the future. (pending implementation)
  • redundancies to insure confident cross-epochal communication.
  • planned expansion to general object courier service.
  • preservation of any particular future timeline cannot be guaranteed.

email service:

  • Issues:
    • security / legal
    • distribution: functional preservation of the protocol must be convincing
    • social etc
  • Boring implementation details:
    • use a small server/pod/etc+ to talk to a 'proper' smtp server.
    • mail sent to the server/pod will contain instructions at the begining of the mail body. (something like the way a remailer works)
      • possible emails to try, in order
      • TIME/DATE to deliver
      • where to send failure messages
      • more?+
    • each futuremail pod will store/retry/etc+ at the appropriate time

physical service:

  • a long-lifed network of offices, archives, and couriers for the transmission of future objects
  • skills: archival, preservation, detective
  • funding: fee based on postal-relativistic proper time of object transmission. cost calculated per postal-spacetime meter. (1 second = vp meters. vp is the postal speed constant).
  • Unstable items not accepted.


  • Q: I transmitted messages to simultaneous events in the future, but am informed that the packages will not have been received at the same time. What gives?
  • A: The provided service is compatible with the laws of special-relativity. Simultaneity of spacelike separated events cannot be guaranteed.
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