• 12m inflatable modular cylinder
  • 2-extractor fans Vortice M150/6“
  • Polystyrene Furniture
  • Computer Controlled LEDs (optional)
  • Video Monitor (optional)

Stellar Ceiling

  • LED Mesh - Candidate design:


  • Fabric covering (optional)


  • 36 sq meters water-filled transport bladders

Video Analysis

  • Low-light IR ready wide angle video camera
  • Apple Macintosh Computer
  • Sony DV camera (for video capture)
  • IR Flood Lamp


  • Audio Interface: Gigaport AG
  • 2 Large Subwoofers
  • 4-6 Amplified Loudspeakers

Other Electronics

  • Basic-X microcontroller
  • Ultra-Bright White LEDs (9200mcdl)
  • Maxim MAX7219 LED Controller IC
  • Keyspan High-Speed USB Serial Interface
  • Misc Electronic Bits


  • Video-Awareness with Cycling74 Jitter
  • Interactive stellar logic with Cycling74 Max
  • Interactive excitable waveguide mesh with Max-MSP : ProjectSyncopticSoundSpace
  • Serial to LED Display software for the Basic-X


various lights

heat sealing Not all materials can be sealed. A good seal depends on the melting point of certain materials. Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) up to 200 micron thick are perfectly suitable for sealing. The sealing suitability of laminates (multi layer material) depends on the inner or contact layer. Aluminum laminates and paper laminates can be sealed when the inside layer is polyethylene or similar heat sealable coating. Ensure you purchase the correct sealing machine for your packaging material.

If you need irregular and long seal lenght the best is to use Continuous Rotary Sealer Continuous Rotary Sealer.

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