• modular
  • encouraging to experience through different senses (tactile, sonic rather than mainly visual)
  • space with no inside/outside (knotted, holey, lumpy)
  • spaces with different densities
  • different scales/dimensions (smaller than human, human, larger than human (you can only experience one cross-section of the world that spills out of windows and into the cracks)
  • flexible boundaries
  • non-linear paths
  • mixture of active and passive spaces

basic shape: closed or open string

possible deformations:

  • fatten (stretch)
  • split-off and join (worldsheets)
  • knot
  • fold up on itself (klein bottle)
  • double up (folds)
  • puncture (holes)

spatial design


3d sketches of space design


panning across the space (from slightly different angles and positions in the space), from the side of the cyber-cafe


looking across the space from the main building entrance..


looking towards the entrance through the cyber-cafe………

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