In the aeons when reality was yet unformed, amorphous horizons undulated, curled and twisted around each other, continuously transforming the shape of the universe. Depth was a treacherous dimension, that could unexpectedly become as shallow as a compact surface, or surge towards infinity without warning. Neither time, nor space seemed to want to flow in any constant direction. When they would resonate with particular energies they would begin a slow, omnidirectional expansion. Both time and space would slowly become filled with vast emptiness, cut through by large membranes, containing whole stretchable universes. In other cases, they would sway wildly across dimensions at even a minuscule disruption, thereby forming new and unpredictable reality-patterns. Wild fluctuations of the physical constants often caused the fabric of reality to become increasingly volatile, flicking the world in and out of existence.

From afar, it looked like an intricate tangle of knots in a hyperdimensional tornado. From within, the clarity of forms was hindered by whirlwinds of alien particles, amplified in thousands of oscillating vibrations. Through swarms of bubbling luminescent beings, the shapes of the world were formed into permeable tentacled flora, seemingly engaged in convoluted conversations. The creatures roaming this reality sensed the world through disconnected organs, unable to form shared impressions of the world. They imagined touching one world, while seeing another or listening to echoes from a distant, mutated past, present or future. Their lives were so bound to the dynamics of this unstable world, that their every action would impact the existence of reality, from the most minute to the most colossal dimensions. Both the creatures and the world lost the certainty of what is real and what imaginary, what is the cause and what the effect - all of which become increasingly entangled in a reality where everything appears to be simulation of a bizarre physics and everything else acquired the elusive physicality of simulation…

Massive translucent, flexible surfaces/branes levitate in an undefined space seemingly avoiding each other. They appear to inflate, deflate, twist, roll and unroll in a slow, breathing pace. A low intensity force draws the branes towards each other, until 2 or more collide. The collision causes a change of movement in the whole space, but mostly affects the branes that collided, whose shapes bounce off each other, stretch, flex, uncurl, their surfaces become filled with minuscule fluctuations. The branes continue stretching until the events taking place on them become sparse and the shape transparent. At this time, the shapes bounced so far from each other that the space appears almost empty. As their mass became much lower relative to their size, the force pulls the branes towards each other again. This continues endlessly if the space is undisturbed.


Inside a brane, a thick, multidimensional world is in constant fluctuation. Even when the world doesnt appear to be moving, its terrain implies a dynamic potential (such as the figure 8). It is a place where everything reacts to everything else, across scales and resolutions. Every brane is composed of 'cells' or 'bubbles' of different sizes, whose morphological and spatial relationship changes based on the forces reacting on the brane. The space looks like a flat surface from afar, but 'inflates' into a multidimensional foam-like landscape when approached. The shapes and boundaries of the space are constantly popping and merging (making larger spaces or disappearing).



The scale within the world-sheets uncovers spaces of different densities, velocities and tensions. The membranes between the spaces are decompression chambres between them. Depending on the difference in densities, the membrane can change dimensions, from thin flat sheets for similar environments, to a complex system of tunnels and chambres for dissimilar ones. Within the spaces in between membranes, smaller, lower-dimensional membranes are responsible for the density of the space. Depending on the forces acting between them, they split and form smaller and smaller spaces, making the whole bubble more solid, or stretch until they pop, allowing the bubble to become more liquid or even gasseous.


The dynamics of the large brane can be changed on all scales by manipulating the shape of membranes. This will morph the landscape locally, but will have an effect on the whole brane. The membranes can be stretched, popped, split, flexed, inflated and deflated. On the largest scale, changing the speed of movement and stretching of the brane, its curling and uncurling can have an effect through all dimensions.

You enter the space as a travelling wave of vibration disrupting the slow, breathing pace (deforming and displacing the branes). As you become active in the space, specific forces become attracted to your actions. You begin acquiring a particular agency that allows you to shape the space in different ways:

A gravitational force will allow you to travel on a highest scale (01) between the branes, becoming a neuro-atomic messenger that can have a magical influence on the effect of other forces acting on smaller scales within the brane. Your passage through the brane attracts density (mass) so that the regions of the brane that it passes through become heavier, thicker, more opaque. You can unfold dimensions, roll and unroll universes…


Electromagnetic force can flow through the scale 02 making spaces between the membranes denser or sparser, inflating or deflating the membranes.


A strong interaction can force loose elements on the scale 03 to bind into larger spaces, that can (due to the increase of their mass) change the shape of the brane.


A weak interaction (infection) operates on a very small scale (03), enabling the just formed spaces (with thin membranes) to leak qualities into each other or even exchange qualities, shapes and denisities.

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