the publication of the txOom DVD consists of two parts:

  • DVD
  • printed matter accompaniying the DVD in the form of loose cards, rather than a bound booklet (if dejan agrees!)

design keywords for both the DVD and the printed matter:

  • thickness - describes a general 'look and feel' - as if the flatness of the screen and the paper is just a surface of a much thicker space
  • spikiness - sometimes uncovered 'hard skeleton' of the images and text; unexpected/random 'cuts', contrasting colours and structures
  • density - layers upon layers upon layers and threads interwoven with other threads…..
  • the printed matter is the scaled down version of the Project Txoom Publication, that should come out in july-august 2003
  • instead of focusing on food, that will be the main feature of the 'big' publication, the cards should focus on the project flow and diversity of experiences, closely following the structure of the DVD
  • there will be 60 cards, with text + image on one side, 1 large image across all 60 cards on the back side
  • the text side of the card consists of 4 elements (we'll send a proposal for a layout template of how we see them fit on the page early next week):
  • film-strip of 4-5 images from the DVD (see for the format)
  • the stories that exist as voice over on the dvd wrapped around/through… the filmstrips (if possible not in a straight line)
  • the text relating to project's activities (see Printed Matter Content –> will be uploaded early next week)
  • Project Txoom Geneology - spellings and fonetic pronounciations of the title of the project - as there were so many….

structuring of cards

Total: 59 cards + DVD envelope in the same format, with maximum 250 words per card. Full list of cards: ProjectTxoomCards As the cards are not bound, the readers can choose 3 ways of reading through the content:

  • chronological order, as the cards should be put in the box. The pages should NOT be numbered. The chronology will be visible through the filmstrips with time-codes from the dvd (they will be uploaded early next week on in the appropriate card directory)
  • NOTE: the card numbers are not chronological! the following list is a more accurate 'time-line':
  • choose only to look at one part of the project - all cards should have a 'project background' distinguishing 10 parts:
  • Card 1-4, card 59-60 logistics (title, contents, intro, credits, dvd) – background: clip_92
  • Card 5 – 9: Torino – background: clip_77
  • Card 10- 19: p~lot, including. 2 character cards – background: clip_14/18
  • Card 20 – 21: visby / linz /brussels development workshops – background: clip_2
  • Card 22 – 23: alive textiles – background: clip_30
  • Card 24 – 41: Great Yarmouth, including 3 user research cards – background: clip_22
  • Card 42 – 48: systems and design torino, gt yarmouth, maribor – background: clip_74
  • Card 49 – 54: a balanced act – Maribor – background: clip_85
  • Card 55 – 56: data ecologies – background: clip_75
  • Card 57-58: food and drink – background: clip_28
  • on the back side of the cards we should print one big image, that will structure the cards according to a different ordering principle (say all design cards, all story like cards….) - we'll see what makes sense when we have all 55 cards ready.
  • when the image is printed, it should form a rectangle of 125cm horizontally, 75 cm vertically - 60 cards, 6 rows, 10 columns: 10×12,5 and 6×12.5 cm
  • the layout of the cards for the image on the back should be:


  • format: dvd-5
  • we will master the dvd on a dvd-r(g) disks
  • Menus:
    • Main menu with links to 1. showreel, 2. project overview 3. great yarmouth detailed section, 4. credits
    • Great Yarmouth section has a tightly edited overview of the 1. gt yarmouth production and 2. user research

show reel (5 min max)

  • a brief overview of txOom in a short, but clear video with no txt - maja

longer overview of the whole project (15-20 mins max)

in a story-like manner: ingredients in the chronological order -maja )

  • torino
  • visby
  • p~lot
  • linz
  • alive textiles
  • gt yarmouth
  • maribor - a balanced act
  • data ecologies?

gt yarmouth detailed section

  • tightly edited design and experience video
  • ingredients (now written up in a chronologic order, but can be ordered differently if the material looks better in a different order):
    • a. first impressions of the circus atmosphere (photos of the exterior/interior, first meetings)
    • b. summer circus show
    • c. design: from circus to a responsive environment (see ProjectTxoomDesignUK)
    • d. off/on-site implementation process (space, system, media) - progressively building the environment
    • e. reality check: user research and professional development (system intensive - with snippets of interviews) + behind the scenes (tech 'control' room)
    • f. opening in txOom style
    • g. public presentation - event flow:
      • sia and fortunes
      • dressing-room and harnessing
      • experience in the circus ring
      • undressing
      • interviews
      • sia - letters on the dress
      • good byes….
  • h. decomposition and socialising

the packaging

If we decide to go with the DVD + cards idea, instead of having a standard CD case with a booklet in it, we'd need to look for a 'box' in which the cards would be placed loose, together with a (printed) paper envelope for the DVD. The size of the box in this case would be approximately 14 centimetres, the size of the cards and the envelope should be approximately 13centimetres. The box doesn't have to be printed - it can also be a brown cardboard box with a txOom sticker on it.

The 'box' to contain the cards and the DVD can be designed in different ways (the choice of the box design depends on the budget):

closely linked topics: Project Txoom Video and Project Txoom Publication




… ……

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