these are the working docs from cvs

general technical overview of the system and its components (partially acurate) » FoamCVS:_old_tx-docs/docs/tech/techspec/TechSpec.pdf

detailed view of a proposed system » FoamCVS:_old_tx-docs/docs/tech/techspec/system_detail.pdf

the evolution of the system from the tgarden till “now” » FoamCVS:_old_tx-docs/docs/tech/techspec/system_history.pdf

edited/editable docs should be appearing somewhere near here → FoamCVS:_old_tx-docs/docs/tech/ system setup HOWTO (currently notes → Project Txoom Notes)

  • checkout a source tree cvs co tx-code
  • add a file/directory cvs add file
  • commit changes cvs commit file

Using MacCVS, which is relatively painless for MacOS9 usage

  • Checkout a source tree (should add notes for this)
  • modify stuff, add things, make everything better
  • use the “Find lurkers” command in the Edit menu to list all files that have been (changed or) added
  • select those that need to be added
  • select Action:Add for these. make a comment for them
  • select Action:Commit to put them into the CVS
  • Note: I havent updated any files with this, perhaps this needs only be committed somehow too…must check sometime

for more details see the node on Using CVS

ipaq set up info → Project Txoom Wearables has a range of small tranceivers programmable controller hardware

more data accumulation at Mobile Computing

recording sensor data

tcpdump -xX udp port 5333 >> txoom/data/20020426-1415

stone oz:5333/udp 5333/udp

see also Data Recording

it should be possible to use an ir camera, with ir floodlighting in the room.

i did a quick check, and from the tgarden specs - CCTV Rainbow IR camera, with 2.8mm lens. it can have 91.7o x 68.2o field of view. (NOTE: this is an NTSC camera, and will most likely cause problems with PAL based machines)

an alternative to this camera would need to be sensitive to IR as close to zero lux as possible, colour in low light (0.03 lux?) similar field of view. PAL comaptible, small + lightweight

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