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Video from Quake3

  • record a demo with /record and /stoprecord in the console. it should print the file name, which it has automatically chosen for the demo, in the console
  • tell quake to automatically record screenshots at a given framerate /setÊcl_avidemoÊ<framerate>
  • play your demo, /demoÊdemo0001 (where demo0001 is the file name quake used)
  • turn off screenshot recording /setÊcl_avidemoÊ0
  • compile the screenshots in $HOME/.q3a/baseq3/screenshots/ into a movie

If you are running a mod (eg, plot), the screenshots will appear in $HOME/.q3a/plot/screenshots/. Similarly, if you are on OsX, instead of $HOME/.q3a, look for something like /home/user/ApplicationÊSupport/Quake3.

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