Types of stories jester and trickster wish to elicit?


Tell me a story about a time when you had an idea or project that too off and had a life of its own …that had amazing generative and regenerative properties

Tell me a story about a time when you felt catalysed to take positive action…

Tell me a story of when you experienced disruption/disturbance to a plan/situation/yourself that led to something new and wonderful..?


Gather Stories video/audio/written Feed them into the pot and stir them around..then filter Have a workshop on the core themes ie: regeneration, disruption and catalysation

facilitate an emergent space inviting different archetypal groups ie cooks, science fiction writers, architects, prophets, diplomats, puppeteers, activists,… ..each brings own medium into a transdisciplinary team (s) with others spawning projects.

Role of FoAM

Invite, gather, filter, project manage, record, let go, to spawn.


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