The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander: summary: The Timeless Way Of Building. There is a timeless way of building , it's a process through which the order of a building or a town grows out directly from the inner nature of the people, and the animals, and plants, and matter which are in it. Without the help of architects or planners. When we have seen deep into the process to make a building or a town alive, it turns out that this knowledge brings us back to that part of ourselves which is forgotten.

Cradle to Cradle By William Macdonough and Michael Braungart: summary: Cradle To Cradle. Waste=food; Here is where redesign begins in earnest, where we stop trying to be less bad and start figuring out how to be good. Now you set out with eco-effective principles, so that the product is designed from beginning to end to become food for either biological or technical metabolisms. In culinary terns, you Are no longer substituting ingredients-you,ve trown the recipe out the indow and are starting from scratch, with a basketful of tasty, nutricious ingredients that you would love to cook with, and that give you all sorts of mouthwatering ideas.

The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa; summary: The Eyes Of The Skin. The dominance of the visual realm in our culture has pervaded architectural practise and education. While our experience in the world is formulated by acombination of five senses, much architecture is produced under consideration of only one – sight. The supression of the other sensory realms has led to an impoverishment of our environment, causing a feeling of detachment and alienation. Today the depth of our being stands on thin ice.

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