• FoAM is an independent, distributed laboratory based on multidisciplinary models of cultural expression, operating on the cusp of research, production, presentation and reflection of creative practices. http://f0.am
  • TimesUp Laboratory for the construction of experimental Situations http://www.timesup.org/
  • Makrolab Makrolab is an autonomous communications, research and living unit and space, capable of sustaining concentrated work of 4 people in isolation/insulation conditions for up to 120 days. http://makrolab.ljudmila.org/
  • Glowlab a multidisciplinary arts collaborative engaged in navigating + mapping cognitive / terrestrial / digital space. http://www.glowlab.com/
  • SMARTlab Site Specific Media Arts Research and Tools Development in Performing and Digital Arts. http://www.smartlabcentre.com/
  • meso is a design bureau /meso is a lab / meso is a service company / meso is an artists base / http://www.meso.net/
  • Makerlab incubates “group ownership, avoiding silo pathologies, focusing on aggregating value-driven content, encouraging point source emitters, and fostering a supportive ecosystem” http://makerlab.com/

Richard Hammings presented a motivational talk about 'you and Your Research'. discussing what distinguishes “ordinary run-of-the-mill research”, from important, first rate scientifc work on “those kinds of things which we perceive are significant”.

http://www.travellab.net/ - “is a mobile lab for shared resource development in selforganizing networking areas. Functioning as transmitter/transponder, it establishes a transcultural knowledge base on key technologies and standard exchange for communication and incorporation of new informational modes.”

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