The FoAM research presentations can be found in the node Research Gatherings, and a general discussion of FoAM's approach to research can be found in the node foam_research_methods.

research 1577, “act of searching closely,” from M.Fr. recerche (1539), from O.Fr. recercher “seek out, search closely,” from re-, intensive prefix, + cercher “to seek for” (see search). Meaning “scientific inquiry” is first attested 1639. Phrase research and development is recorded from 1923. (Online Etymological Dictionary, 2006)

the three standard 'old' PROCESSES OF RESEARCH: exploratory, constructive and empirical

current methodologies, tend to fall into the following four categories:

  • quantitative - measurable, the what, where and when
  • qualitative - indepth understanding, the why and how
  • primary, fundamental, pure and basic …research - Is exploratory
  • applied or secondary …research - Is descriptive (and a little bit exploratory)

for a discussion on how this relates to research at FoAM, see the topic foam_research_methods.

Action research, Case study Classification, Experience and intuition, Experiments, Eye tracking, Interviews, Map making, Mathematical models and simulations, Participant observation, Physical traces analysis, Semiotics, Statistical data analysis, Statistical surveys, Content or Textual Analysis

Papers from the research into practice conference 2006:

The Development of Art with Scientific Research Tools (from Pentii Routio, also in Finnish and Spanish)

How do Art and Scientific Methods Differ (anonymous, Cal State)

Is Artistic Research a meaningful concept? (Tuomas Nevanlinna, Lier en Boog);jsessionid=vt14wrkrkovy.alice

Art and Method (Henk Slager et alia, Rijks Academie Workshop)

'pseudoscience' even the word is a Victorian glomming of mixed notions - 'pseudo' (Greek for false) and 'scientia' (Latin for knowledge)

'protoscience' (again, Greek and Latin) since it was invented as a term in 1974 by Thomas Kuhn Thomas_Kuhn no one has had the time to debunk it.

Jack Anderson - 12 Sep 2006

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