present: cocky, lina, jack, pix, theun, maja, nik

notes edited by nik, based on notes from nik & jack

Open Lab - Presentations, talks, etc…

  • open lab, as part of funding requirements
  • talks, presentations, etc+ to show what foam is doing & interested in
  • foton doing a festival in recylceart, showcasing bxl werkplaatsen
  • 8-16th dec.
  • proposed
    • setup temporary studio
    • work on newsletter → “publication as performance”
    • presentations of research projects, in whatever formats
    • talks, discussions
    • films/projectsions/etc when no-one is there

jack → foam valuator

  • summary of research into commercial art world mechanics.
  • traditional art dealer model
    • buy low, promote artist, sell high
    • difficult with newmedia, due to production costs, probably requires new financing schemes
  • proposed 'IPO' style
    • dealers as investors or an investment bank
    • prefinacing of works → guaranteed interest/attention
  • perspectives on philanthropy
    • motivations → how have these changed w/ contemporary arts / new media

lina → materials library update

  • classification system
    • still trying to work out categories & reference numbers
    • how does cross referencing work?
  • will meet with karen next week to continue discussions & summarise
  • importance of being able to locate materials from reference numbers
  • data entry for 'information' about materials
  • should there be someone involved to work with developing database models?
    • → not really necessary at this stage
  • any ideas about barcoding, rfid etc ?+
    • → not really yet, possibly type in & connect to database for more info

cocky → inflatables

  • summary of timeless way of building ~14pp
  • visual overview of inflatables survey
    • got boring trying to be comprehensive, so just looking for things she likes now
    • what is it that she finds interesting?
      • → alive/playful/something happening → collection
  • will put documentation on the libarynth

pix → strange attractors

  • more motivated, but still feeling a bit burnt out
  • mechanics of embeddings renderer in app framework for attractor explorer
  • future directions
    • 3 distinct 1d attractors in 3space
    • decoupling 3d iterators from x→y→z→x loops

theun → Tsunami Pants

  • collecting pictures of protective gear / armour/ sports/plague/ rescue
  • pictures of shelters build by homeless ppl around ams.

maja & nik → climate change

  • conferences - ICCAS & festo
  • after the 'stomach cringing discussion on the previous res-gat, looked for positive and inspiring projects
  • presentation at festo - opportunities and challenges for communicating about sustainable cultures
  • move from consumerist → participatory culture
  • interesting projects
  • authenticity → reaction to increasing virtualisation, greeenwashing, marketing hype etc+
  • extending the visualisation of lifestyle choices, carbon footprints, etc+
    • connection between ideas from last meeting and andrey/shai's math models
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