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Compendium of FoAM's residencies and transiencies 2002-2016.

At FoAM in Brussels and Falmouth we offer residencies to people whose work, interests and lifestyles are aligned with FoAM's. Our motivation for this programme came from a perceived need of our peers for opportunities to pursue concentrated research and experimentation without the immediate pressures of production.

Latest residency formats include:

At FoAM Kernow: Human in residence: projects to fit in with our ethos - everything we do is non-profit and open-source, and fits somewhere in between the realms of arts-sciences-education. The more unfeasible the better!

At FoAM Brussels:

  • Microresidencies: short, intensive exchanges with FoAM collaborators, around a specific question or challenge
  • Macrotransiencies: long, slow and deep explorations of major life-transitions
  • Family residencies: experiments in merging living and working environments for creatives of all ages
  • Bed, bench and breakfast: accommodation and facilities for those needing a temporary place to stay and work in Brussels
  • Researchers in Residence: individuals or collectives working on subject matter close to FoAM's heart
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