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Information from 2011

In 2012 there Natalia Borissova was a (non-green) gardener in residence, building upon work developing the Time's Up Augmented Garden. She was practically exploring fungi as a decomposing, transforming and connecting tissue at the challenging urban playground.

This page attempts to summarise some of the experiences in a wiki format, to allow easy editing and access by interested people as well as those involved. Some details of the experiences are collected here: questions, ideas and further experiences are accumulating. Slowly but surely.

Image. Description of the planting situation with notes from the 2011 growing season:

Some of the mechanical devices Harvest quantities 2011 Ideas: ongoing supply seems to work and offer immediate feedback: salads, tomatoes, capsicums Experiences:

  • Pumpkins: the plants grow well but the pumpkins do not
  • Potatoes: deep system sort of worked (link to blog)
  • Beetroot: okay
  • carrots: good flavour, not very big.
  • Tomatoes: grow well, rain protection and sunshine / warmth help
  • Capsicum and chillis: grew well. The existing plots can be re-used, which is meant to be great for chilli.
  • Making the high hanging gardens self-seeding would be good, new plant colony is possible.
  • The 2011 harvest is listed here:


  • the main windmill is operating, but is suffering from age.
  • The backup pump system works well and was probably necessary.
  • The Ram was effective. Has been dismantled for now.
  • The tipping pipes tipple along nicely
  • The high hanging gardens are surviving.
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