2013-04-11 12:33:36 by Loes Jacobs

Five people with different backgrounds (visual arts, fashion, architecture and anthropology) were 'running' a boutique together. It was a shop with no clothes on offer, a paradoxical shop where words, objects and people came together. Ceci est un magasin de vĂȘtetements was a shop residency project by Sara ten Westenend, Maaike Gottschal, Miriam Rohde, Annelies Kuypers and Isabelle Makay who used the contradictory set-up of the boutique without clothes as a place in fluctuation where text, objects (clothes), people and space could meet. The aim of their residency was to get an insight in practical aspects of dealing with objects or material as processes. Therefore they invited different people during their residency who are integrating a specific approach to objects and/or material in their work.

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