Wild Food's Wide Perspectives


How To Eat Wild

(edible wild plants are the first perspective, but there are mushrooms and insects, too; mammals are too scarce these days)

  • Where do they grow?
  • Which parts to use?
  • What can we make out of them?
  • edible vs. poisonous
  • How do they serve us & how do we serve them?

The main importance of edible plants, in addition that they support us to cultivate hunger, which is the rule #1 how to survive in wilderness, is to help change the image of the world as we think we know.Probably there is an easier and harder way to do other than through food; food is so basic to life, so varied over the continents and the world over, but on the other hand the feeding habits are so hard to change as most people are stubbornly addicted to certain types of food and drink.

Welcome to a different, wilder point of view what is and what is not.
Food, ornamentals, weeds, invasives, good or bad?

Gora-Trnovski gozd, 16-20 August 2012
Dario Cortese

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