Incubator for successful individual(artist)s

Scenario 3 of 4 in response to the question: How do we work together on interesting things? (as part of a scenario planning exercise at FoAM for future_preparedness)

(axis: individual vision and full availability)

Incubator for the successful individuals

  • call center
  • shared tools,shared time, shared workspace, shared studio
  • university, hub
  • werkplaats/ alternative management bureau
  • pay for infrastructure
  • a team (employed) to support or not
  • the way some famous artists work
  • incubator for the successful individuals
  • artists puts the money back into collective
  • collective brand/individual visions
  • funding only for the infrastructure
  • conflict resolution-hosts
  • artist status-supported by the community-go to work there
  • the collective doesn't generate any money for you
  • AR as a resource in space, not essential


There are many strong structures established. They are well organized with strictly divided tasks,responsibilities, governance system. They are well supported by the government, employed with the good retirement benefits.They wear nice clothes, smell good, have a nice smile and mainly are female with a very well educated background, strong administrative skills and impeccable taste. (something in between wampier and muse) .The structures are in charge of large and beautiful spaces and the most innovative and different equipment. Every organization has clear fields of activities that they support. The personnel of such offices does not do any creative work. The main task of them is to keep structure running and facilitate and support selected individuals. Because people of the organizations are available all the time it is ease to take care of the space and tools. And it is possible to attempt big scale projects. Every project ,after its end, is very well documented and all the achievements with the brand stamp of the organization are sent to the government to prove that the money was well spend.

And than there are artists. They have to get artist statute, but only to be able to enter the structures. Artist statute becomes more of the agreement or a contract that you choose to be an artist and you will produce work that will make you very successful and will serve in the good of the society. After signing such a contract you will receive a special uniform , so people on the street can recognize you and invite you for a meal, a drink or a sleep over. As well you will be placed on the data base and will have to wait until one of the organizations picks you.

Then once you are chosen by one of the offices you will be able to explore your artistic idea as deep as you want.( As long you comply with the dead line.) During the process you can ask for any kind of help or inspiration. The office people will try to please you with all your needs- personal or work related. The equipment and tools will be provided as soon you will ask for them no matter how ambitious your requirements might be.

At the end of the process you will have to present the outcomes to a comity and a large audience. You will have to explain your choice of subject, materials and end result. The audience and the comity will take a vote. If you collect 75% positiveness, you will receive a badge. It will allow you to enter the most secret doors of the society and accesses big amounts of ….that you than will have to partly give it back to the organization that supported you. After repeating such process 3 times you will have a private organization taking care of you and finding out what work you have to make next.

If the votes are not so positive, you will have to give it back your badge and leave to the silent contemplation camp for a year. And only after that you will be allowed to apply for the artist statute again. And if you fail 3 times, you will loose the possibility to be called an Artist. But you will get a proposition to join one of the structures with the full benefits.

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