Scenario 1 of 4 in response to the question: How do we work together on interesting things? (as part of a scenario planning exercise at FoAM for future_preparedness)

(axis: collective vision and partial availability)

The weekend warriors, garage band scenario

This is a group of people, presumably friends, that come together during the weekend to do things that they don`t have time for during the week. This coming together is a necessity. They can`t choose not to do it, destiny has somehow brought them together. Their fate is intertwined together since several lifetimes, and this sense of destiny is an important motor for their cooperation. How difficult it might be to meet up and create together, this sense of us against the world gives them the motivation to create a wonderful flow when they meet and to really do something that they believe will change the world. This could be making a record together by doing inflatable superman-performances and recording the sound to use on their records but it could also be other projects that give another output than sound creation. They are actually warrior-kings and warrior-queens from another galaxy. Their galaxy was colonized by a dark force called `Capital`. They were forced to form an electro-band called Lady GOLLO. They figured as an illusion to brainwash all their population. Their bodies were not their own. They rebelled. They battled for freedom. Something in their soul was burning for liberation. and thus Capital imprisoned them, banned them and replaced them by clones. They were all placed on a vessel with no more protection than an organic shell. Their spirits intertwined. They became part of each other, of the One protective force in the Universe. And through the development of inner light, they survived and were finally released on Earth with the help of a shining star.

During the week they squeeze their time to be able to handle their daily jobs. They hide their true nature, in order not to let anyone know where and who they are. They make preparations for their weekend-togetherness. Sometimes some of them can`t actually be physically present during the weekend because of the difference in schedules and the worldwide locations they are needed in in order to contribute to a better world. In that case augmented reality is used to project themselves in the space, or they use simple tools such as skype. An example of a creative project could be to clean dirty public spaces, to take care of plants of public administration buildings, to offer official public institutions plants for adaption and record all the sounds accompanying these processes. Afterwards these sounds are processed and projected into the universe in order to make sure that dark forces do not get the overhand in this world. They serve as a protection against destruction. The message that they want to get across is quite largely based on ideals, and they do not scare away of mission impossibles. They might also make sounds for peace, a project that will cure ill plants and they offer these audio-cured plants to solve domestic conflicts and relationship issues. Some of them travel and let lighthouses shine on islands. Thus they shine their light and force into this world and the universe and save places and individuals that want to change apathy into action. Sometimes the unavailability creates tension. But one of them ( in equal parts every month someone else) takes the role of moderator so that these small negative issues do not take the overhand. It is important to keep the perspective on the common project and it`s goal: happiness and protection against destruction. They`re very courageous. All of them are fully engaged in a job, but they have this special connection within their project/creation that connects them. That`s why they have this need for coming together during the weekend, to work on a creative project that takes on various forms. Sometimes it s a performance, sometimes it is a film, sometimes a happening. But it can also be a musical project. They are all blessed and gifted with huge talents in all fields, and their warrior spirit has the shine of gods. The only thing they are not blessed with is Time&Money. They need to work in order to live as in this way they learn valuable lessons of human life and of humanity, and they preserve the secret of their true nature. They need to survive, no matter what. Also, some of them do so many things and are busy working for peace in the world on so many levels, that time during the weekend is very precious. Their project is never dependent on the outside circumstances. Their true motivation and fire lie within, so no matter how the world evolves, their meeting and creation is meant to be. They are a circle of hermits with supernatural powers, true warriors that are not afraid of obstacles. Alone they can manage to share their powers in the world, but it`s only by coming together during the weekends that they can share their true face and spirit. It s a collection of supermen/women with very exceptional views on processes and creation. By coming together during the weekend, their superpowers grow and they give each other energy. One day they will battle all destruction in the universe through random acts of kindness….

⇒ a collective vision with few people available sometimes

  • a band practicing in a garage
  • there`s the feeling of urgency to the collective vision and responsibility
  • always a bit squeezed and in a haste
  • working around the boundaries of possibility
  • continuity/motivation is important aswell as AR/documentation
  • this could also all be done online: docs&meetings get an online space where everything is also archived
  • artists` status is good to have
  • collective vision is very important for purpose, motivation and continuity
  • flow is very important in the short moments of creating together;
  • the flow should be good : they really want to see each other and create together
  • quick, emergency, adaptable, concentrated
  • different scales of availability ⇒ this creates tension
  • possibly more creative because of limitations
  • imbalance and pressure to get work done
  • appropriate scale is very dependent on capacity and resources available: scaling up is very difficult
  • scalability is only possible unconventionally: for example through viral promotion on the net and through social media/networks
  • The scale is small and realisticly manageable:as everything happens in a haste and there's the sense of urgency by the limitations, the scale remains relatively small.
  • space is something appropriated (private and unused) but their primary creation space remains online and is thus virtual. They're only together in a space when this is needed. This can also just be in someone's house,it doesn't need to be an offcial space.
  • responsibility and task division : clarity /agreements are very important. The tasks are well developed/defined and clear, otherwise it doesn`t work
  • creating together is the goal and a joy, no matter what
  • they make money to do sth different, namely what they consider their true passion
  • This can be a hermit circle: “us against the world” or for example “the spring cleaning” is an example of this scenario.Other examples:
    • adoption of plants
    • offering plants to press organisations
    • taking care of the garden of public institutions during the weekend to contribute to a better world
  • Everyone has to take their responsibility and can interface with the outside world but it is also possible that only one person takes the lead towards the outside world. This depends on the arrangements made within the group and the people most available or talented to execute this task. cfr ROTOR: driving force is 1 person, other people come and go
  • Sharing is important: this group shares the experiences they go through in the real world in the moments of togetherness and creation.This is what unites them. They know that no matter how the outside world changes and evolves,they have this special inner creation space and energy that they can rely on and share together.
  • Independent sources of financing can make sure that they get their projects done; On the other had they are not dependent on financing from the state. It is good to have the artist status for some, but not necessary.

As the creation process is something cut up as a puzzle, they make sure that in order to lay down this creation puzzle, they finance their own passion by artist status, their wages from daily jobs, other forms of financing.

The people:

  • live in duality, having separate lives
  • They ressemble a superhero band: 'the invisibles'
  • During the week they individually fix the world, but in the weekend they come together to connect.
  • They meet because they need each others' superpowers.Some go off and help people individually.
  • The individuals in the group have to decide to become famous if they want to. This could only be done by very creative ways of promoting their work.
  • work, eg viral marketing online, through social networks, using existing networks or getting signed up to an existing label or network and operate from there.
  • The individual motivation of the people is more important than the concerns of the outside world:this group of people has an indestructible bond and no matter the outside circumstances socially, ecologically or politically, they commit to this project. That`s why documentation and AR are very important: so that space and time are independent of the creation process.
  • They want to make a difference and see the other side of the world…

Planning, evaluation, discussion


Preparatory meeting: 17 May 18:30 CEST @ FoAM bxl

Prehearsal: 18 May 08:00 - 20:00

  • Start prehearsal: 08:00 (or from the moment you wake up)
  • Joint prehearsal@ FoAM bxl (or online): 13:30 - 20:00
  • End prehearsal: 20:00

Evaluation: Friday, 25 May 16:30


The collective vision we'd like to prehearse is 'resilience through kindness'. The scenario proposes that kindness can help save the world from the clutches of ruthless, collapsing capitalism. FoAM operates like a 'band of superheroes' called Resilients, coming together on Fridays to perform random acts of kindness, such as adopting plants, cleaning public spaces, liberating masons and working on other aspects of Resilients. Every Resilients member has one or more superpowers (talents, strengths) that are amplified when we work together. In this context, we'd like to explore how we work together on interesting things, when:

  • we all share one vision
  • we deploy our strengths and talents to realise our vision using complementary approaches
  • we have a very limited time and money (each of us has a day-job in order to be able to collect the money to realise our collective vision)
  • each of us has a different face in our daily lives than when working together (think of the invisibles, superman/batman hiding in plain sight).

Time, space, resources

We will meet on Thursday 17th of May after we close the Open House doors (~18:30) in FoAM bxl and online, to clarify the process of the prehearsal. The prehearsal will start in the morning on Friday, from the moment you wake up. Until 13:30 you do stuff outside of FoAM, that helps you earn enough money to survive and have some left over to invest in the vision of the weekend superheroes. From 13:30 we come together in the FoAM studio (and online), for our 'superhero' time together. For the 1/2 hour we meet and prepare to open the doors to the public. From 14-18h there is an 'open door' afternoon, for the people from the outside world to experience Resilients performing acts of kindness in their native environment, with a possibility to be recruited as Resilients apprentices. The prehearsal will end with our Apero at 20h, when we can relax and reflect on the day's activities.

FoAM studio is (for the purposes of the prehearsal) a space we can use, but it is time-shared with several other 'bands' and collectives. We can only practice in the studio from 13-20h on Fridays and have to clean up after ourselves. There is a minimum of facilities for which we pay, but we have to bring our own food, drinks, technology and anything else we need for our practice.

Superheroes from distant lands are invited to participate via Skype. It would be wonderful if our visitors could connect with our talented colleagues using online media, imagining it was a more advanced AR technology. If you are interested in participating, think about what superpowers you could contribute remotely. Even just an open window into your room might give a sense of participation…

Roles and activities

  • How do weekend superheroes work together:

During the prehearsal we should work as a team - so anything you do should somehow contribute to the whole - whether you wash the dishes or exhibit kindness of Resilients, you always put the collective and its vision before your own desires. Selfishness and individual goals are parked outside of the prehearsal's door and you work on things that bring out your 'superpowers' for the benefit of the collective. The superpowers are talents or strengths that help realise our common vision (resilience through kindness).

  • What you would be like as a weekend superhero:
    • some of us might be more inclined to be outspoken warrior kings and queens on the front line, engaging with the people from the external world
    • others might prefer to exercise their superpowers more discreetly, silently - a bit like hermits do.
    • one role that rotates between the superheroes is the moderator / facilitator - someone who is the interface to the outside world, who can

smoothen out the tensions in the group (that arise due to limited availability) and translate superhero language into the common parlance. Think about which of these three roles is best suited to your character and superpowers. If you think of other possible roles, feel free to experiment with them.

  • What do the weekend superheroes do on Friday 18th of May:

The Resilients superheroes open the doors of their temporary lab to expose the visitors from the outside world to different forms of kindness, thereby offering alternatives to 'collapsing capitalism', its relentless consumerism and bureaucratic institutions. We'd also like to recruit our visitor's superpowers and invite people coming in and out to share their talents (who knows maybe there is a new superhero, Resilients superstar, or a lead-singer hiding out there). Think about how you would harvest other people's talents to further our vision - could they adopt a plant, or pledge a written promise in a jar in exchange of a mushroom kiss. If you have other ideas, feel free to suggest them.

How to prepare, what to do

Before the prehearsal: Think about what are your foremost strengths and talents - you can find out what they are if you think about work you do that gives you energy, that makes you feel 'in the flow', completely absorbed and fulfilled, things that you perceive as easy to do, while others find them difficult. Let us know which 'powers' you'd like to share with the group during the prehearsal. Don't be shy, this is the time to say what you really like doing! While you do have many superpowers, select the ones most relevant to the common vision of 'resilience through kindness'. Also feel free to suggest talents for others - things that others do that you think would contribute to realising the vision.

During the prehearsal: Remain yourself, but try out a specific attitude and try to stay 'in character' for a whole day: pay attention to how you act, live and work in a situation where you share the vision with and a commitment to a group of people, but have a very limited time to spend with them. Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions. Note what aspects of being a 'weekend superhero' works for you and which ones don't. Watch how you react to different people and how they react to you. There is no need to pretend you are fictional character. Instead think carefully what your talents/strengths are and how you can best deploy them to help the collective, the vision and the world. This might accentuate a different part of your personality than what you're used to…

After the prehearsal: Write up a short review of the prehearsal: what you did, what you realised about yourself, about the group and the scenario, and try to answer the question:

  • How would we work together on interesting things as weekend superheroes?
  • Secondly reflect on the resilience of this scenario - what about weekend superheroes is resilient and what is fragile - for individuals, FoAM and contemporary culture?
  • Finally evaluate what worked and what didn't in the prehearsal method.

Feel free to post your review on this page.

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