• Stonehedge
  • Megalithic tombs (as sound-theaters)
  • Judgement-stones
  • cracks in stones as passages for shamans in Siberia and African Han peoples.
  • evidence for transe-like states in 'solarheaded' petroglyphs at Tamgaly.

archaeology of shamanism, Neil S. Price

Stone tools and statues
  • the musical stones in Megara.

Archaeology of Shamanism, Neil S. Price

  • Suiseki or Penjing stones, used as VR environments.
Wooden and Ivory statues

Objects Reluctant Witnesses to the Past, Chris Caple

Ceramic statues

Prehistoric Figurines Corporeality and Representation in the Neolithic, Douglass Bailey

Metal objects
  • Folded swords sacrificed as substitutes for bog bodies.

Dying for the Gods: Human Sacrifice in Iron Age & Roman Europe, Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green

Animal tissues
  • in haruspicy with the Babylonians, Etruscans, Romans.
Volcanic gasses
  • with the oracle of Delphi
  • used in Renaisance theater and imperial feasts.
  • the black singing stone statue of Amenophis in Thebe.
  • Friar Bacon's talking brazen head.
Philosopher's stone
Tesla's Ether Physics
Borderline Sciences
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